2018 | Institutional Buildings | 3rd Place

Warrior Innovation Center
Built By:
M.P.B. Builders, INC.
Waupun, WI
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: The school district of Waupun was hearing the cries of the industry and general public, that high schools are not teaching the "Hands On" skills that are needed in todays world. When the new high school was built 18 years ago, the technical classrooms were small due to lack of participation in class sizes. But now they are seeing a resurgence in the hands on classes, but current classrooms are not sized properly to conduct classes. The new Warrior Innovation Center will house the new Technical/Career Ed classes. This new building will allow Waupun to grow their class sizes as well as be able to provide other classes that they would not be able to do in their current school building, states Doyle Pokorny, project Manager with MPB Builders. They are trying to provide their High school students with Technical classes that they normally wouldn't get to attend til after high school. They are working with the community to provide services from the high school students that they can use. They are teaching mechanical classes, ag mechanics, robotics, poster, sign making, screen printing, car wraps, and so much more. The new Warrior Innovation Center rivals any Technical College in the State of Wisconsin states Doyle Pokorny.

Unique features: One of the ideas that Ryan Seichter had, after touring facilities around the state was, that he wanted a "Industrial" look to classrooms and office area. To provide that look, MPB Builders covered the structural roof trusses with stained trim boards to give the trusses a "Timber" framed look. Also to go along with that we installed corrugated steel for a wainscot in the classrooms as well as the office ceiling. To get the R value that we needed, we installed 2x10 roof purlins sprayed 3" of foam insulation and then installed 6" batt insulation and then covered bottom of purlins with the corrugated steel. The entire building has in floor heat as well as supplemental heat and air-makeup in the shop. Restrooms to serve the public and the students in the building. The 21' clearance in the shop allows ample space for all the mechanicals as well as clearance for the mezzanine for storage. There is also a 24' x 16' overhead door that was needed so in case the ag mechanics class needed to work on a combine, said Doyle Pokorny. With the new energy codes, this building has a R-25 walls and R-49 in the ceiling along with tyvek wrap as well as foam around concrete wall. I know the general contractor as well as the architect was impressed with how the post-frame building turned out. I know as I sat in the weekly construction meetings, I had to educate the mechanical contractors on how this post-frame building was getting constructed, as they were so used to masonry or steel buildings. This was one of my favorite projects to work on and to be able to show the community as well as large contractors and architects - the value of Post-Frame construction and the many uses that our construction can be used for.

Post-frame advantage: The school district of Waupun was doing a referendum to remodel there current 4 schools as well as build a new Tech/Ed building. Doyle Pokorny of MPB Builders was approached by the school district when the current General contractor and architect could not make traditional brick and mortar buildings come into budget. Doyle sat with the school and listened to there concerns and what the building was to be used for and revamped the current model to fit the new post-frame construction. We were able to design a building that fits the schools current needs as well as provide room to grow, stats Doyle. The building is set up with a 60' x 11' office area, (1) 30' x 30 classroom and (1) 30' x 30' clean-room, 60' x 74' shop with 8' x 24' mechanical room, 16' x 24' paint shop, 24' x 22' tool crib room as well as a 24' x 45' mezzanine are for storage. The speed of post frame construction really helped with the overall time frame of this project. We couldn't start this project til the current school year was wrapping up and the building needed to be ready for start of school in the fall. The project started on the wrong foot as we got hit with a rare April snow-storm that dumped 2' of snow on us, states Doyle. Then when we could finally start the project, we ran into solid bedrock, which had to be blasted so we could pour our concrete frost walls. But once we got thru that, the project really took off. This was a fun project to be involved with and to be able to see the students working in this building and all the opportunities it will provided is, simply amazing.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $118.12

Duration to complete: 123