Ace Hardware

Owners defied convention and post-frame delivered results.

Going against conventional practices can be a difficult decision to make, especially when an organization with thousands of properties has long-established construction and design parameters.

Shunning conventional construction methods, Ace Hardware of Wautoma, WI, selected post frame as the material component to rebuild a structure that had been destroyed by fire. Duane Detjens, of TCP Construction and the owner of the construction site, recommended a post-frame building to the new owners, Bill and Luann VanLanen.

Detjens contacted Leo Souder of MPB Builders in Ripon, WI. Duane and Leo demonstrated the structural and economic benefits of post-frame construction. Ultimately, the VanLanens, along with Ace Hardware, agreed it was the best possible choice due to speed of construction, esthetic beauty, code conformance, structural integrity, energy efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness. While at first Ace Hardware was leery of that decision, the national chain realizes today that it was a very sound choice.

The new Ace Hardware retail facility fits right into the surrounding landscape. A timber truss at the main entrance provides a natural and decorative look. “The building is not only extremely attractive and appealing,” said Duane, “but the nature of post-frame construction made it far easier, faster and much less costly to insulate and install the mechanical components. It was the right solution at the right price.”

According to Bill and Luann, “It quickly became obvious that post-frame construction was the best solution for this commercial project for a lot of reasons, but certainly because of the adaptability to capitalize on existing site conditions to provide the most square footage that could be allowed, as well giving us the architectural style we were after.”

The building uses an engineered roof truss system with a rafter design to cover the existing foundation. It is completely protected from fire hazards with a modern sprinkler system. The interior features a steel sub-ceiling attached to the bottom chord of the roof trusses with a suspended ceiling grid providing needed plenum space for the HVAC and electrical systems. A log veneer siding with a cultured stone wainscot covers the exterior. Pre-finished metal panels were utilized for areas not covered with the veneer and wainscot. Post-frame construction easily incorporated all of these features.

The project was able to stay on time and within budget throughout the process. “Conventional stud-frame construction would have added far more time to the construction schedule, and time is money,” said Souder. “We had a deadline set for a grand opening and conventional construction – whether stud wall, concrete or steel - just would not have allowed us to make that deadline. As an added bonus, due to the insulating capabilities of post frame, this new Ace hardware will be far more economical to operate over the long-term.”

So what’s the bottom line? If you want to get a quality, durable, and attractive building erected quickly, on time and on budget, take a very close look at post-frame construction. For this Ace Hardware, post frame is generating a return on the investment that could not be matched by any other method.