Todd Meinhold

Todd Meinhold President, H&D Quality Builders/Cool Roofs

Residential Metal Roofing and Your Post-Frame Business

Wednesday, February 14th from 8:00-9:00 AM

Discover how you can be a vital part of the fastest-growing segment in the construction industry today, and learn how to acquire additional work on new jobs or from previous customers. We will focus on how you can incorporate residential metal roofing into your post-frame business and get on the road to becoming not only the foremost expert in your area but the preferred or only bidder. Taking advantage of the multiple benefits with only minimal changes to your business can result in more profit per labor hour.

About Todd Meinhold

Todd Meinhold is owner and president of H&D Quality Builders, Inc. and Cool Roofs, a forward thinking company with strong emphasis on the education and use of effective thermal envelope processes in construction, renovations, and roofing. They uncover and provide solutions to homeowners and help them realize the importance of their home envelope.