b"THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEafter this shift, people who were hired were selectedthe questions and not interjecting, he explains.based on those stipulations, he explains.Sitting back calmly and listening has been one of Ultimately, it was the company culture that helpedthe most important things that has allowed people his people become dedicated and committed toto feel empowered in our company. the business. Our mission and values are reallyExamples of these empowering questions include: what re-dedicated people to the business and brought forward a positive response to growthWhat can you do about that?and teamwork, says Bernard. They now have theHow do you envision the outcome?mindset of, Whatever is good for the company, is good for all of us. What about that makes it work?Using Empowering QuestionsWhat would you like to see happen?Although Bernards staff was devoted to theWhat do you think is holding you back?company, he realized growth is accelerated whenWhats another way to look at that?employees can make effective decisions and are empowered to problem-solve on their own. In the past, Bernard may have used empowering Bernard attended a workshop where he learnedquestions without noticing it, but now he uses how to use open-ended questions; the techniquesthem with intention. Now I am specifically he learned not only helped him to challenge hisand strategically using empowering questions thoughts and assumptions, but it has helped histo allow room for growth for my own staff. It's employees to problem-solve. Its about askingpretty amazing to watch someone get asked a question, and let them answer it themselves, and Bernard Dalichau, President of Lavender Home Care Solutions34 /FRAME BUILDER -NOV2019"