b'Name: ___________________________________________ Company: ________________________________________Support your Industry and support your business! (Please list your company name as you would like it to appear on recognition materials) Your contribution to theCommitment Level: Post-Frame Advantage Program$25,000 $2,500(** directly funds educational marketing.This marketing is $12,500 $1,000designed to let building decision makers and consumers know that$10,000 $500(* ) post-frame can be the best choice$5,000 $Other __________for their projects. Your support also funds post-frame As a PFA Program Contributor, you will be:research, design tools, standards Recognized as a supporter on nfba.orgAD development, and technicalRecognized with signage at the Annual Conference and Expoprograms that educate theengineering, design, and code*Gold Contributors will receive an enhanced listing on nfba.org official community on post-frame that includes the Gold Contributor emblem building systems. **Platinum Contributors will receive Gold Contributor Level benefits with Platinum Contributor emblem, will be recognized in the Conference and Expo program and on Expo signage, AND they will receive either ahalf-page ad in the NFBA National Frame Builder Magazine or 2complimentary full registrations to the 2021 NFBA Conference and Expo! We now offer more payment options than ever! I would like my contribution payment(s) to be made via the following frequency: Annual (full amount)Semi-AnnuallyQuarterlyMonthly I would like to pay via: Check made out to NFBAorVisa, MC, Discover, or American Express Recurring credit card payments are also now available!Please check this box if you would like to make your payments automatically recurring:YES make my credit card payment automatically recurring With an end date of : _____________ or No end dateBilling address: __________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________ State ___________Zip ______________________ Email ______________________________________________ Phone _____________________________ Return completed form to NFBA:mmiller@nfba.org 937-278-0317 NFBA 7250 Poe Ave. Suite 410 Dayton, OH 45414'