b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCESAFETY IN THE POST FRAME INDUSTRYI am going to cover several topics in this issue. These are all very important topics for anyone in the post frame industry. So, lets get started.BY Gary AumanNFBA Legal CounselThe NFBA Safety Recognition Program. bymeasAssociationGeneral I n our industry we have different awards forCounsel or by a small committee achievement. We have the Building of theof safety professionals. No matter Year Award Program, the Foreman of thewho grades the applications, only I Month and Year Program, and several others.am ever able to assign a final score to a company. These award programs recognize achievementsEveryone wins with this program. Even if the by businesses and individuals in our industry.application you submit contains the barest of However, there is one program that too oftendetails, you will still get a detailed letter from does not attract the interest of our members evenme to you which goes into depth in analyzing though it is in many ways the most importantthose portions of your program addressed by award available to our members.the questions you are asked to answer and how you can make it better or get it into compliance You have heard me speak at Expo severalwith the OSHA regulations which apply to you times about the importance of having a strongand your industry. YOU OWE IT TO YOUR safety culture. A critical part of any safety cultureEMPLOYEES AND TO YOUR COMPANY TO (and an OSHA requirement in the constructionPARTICPATE.industry) is having a good safety program. YourThe program recognizes participants as either association recognized this fact to the extent thatPlatinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze level programs. it underwrote the cost of developing a safetyIf you are concerned that your program will not manual template for our members as a guidewarrant a Platinum, Gold or Silver award and for developing your own safety program. Oneyou feel that you will be embarrassed when we point that we emphasized when we presentedrecognize the program participants at the Expo the safety manual template for the first timewith a plaque, you have nothing to worry about. was the importance of using it as a templateIf you elect not to be publicly recognized that and not your company safety program. We gavedecision is yours to make. You can receive you you the components and you need to take thoseaward privately at the Expo or it can be mailed to components and assemble them into your safetyyou. How much time you spend on completing program. the application is entirely up to you. As I have For a number of years, your association hasstated in the past, everyone is a winner. At the been providing you with a vehicle to have partsvery least you will receive comments on your of your safety program reviewed and gradedexisting safety programs and suggestions to make independently of each other. We ensure that eachit better.application for review is graded anonymously byThe evaluation letter you will receive will eliminating any identifiers from your applicationadvise you if you are on the mark and doing all before it is graded. These applications are gradedthat you should do, only slightlycontinued on page: 24 FRAME BUILDER - OCT2020 / 23'