b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcontinued from page: 29Reevaluating Recruiting Strategies Increased use of technology. Social distancing Over the next 5 to 7 years, millions of Babyrequired contractors to use technology in many Boomers will retire, and young adults will likelynew ways, from the use of drones for site safety still feel pressured to pursue a 4-year degree andinspections to apps for employee wellness check-land a white-collar job instead of learning a trade.ins and remote workplaces connected by shared Many companies boast about their efforts to recruitfiles.Millennials. However, Millennials were ages 23 toReliance on new communication tools. Stay-at-38 in 2019, which means companies are nearinghome orders in many states required businesses BUSINESS STRATEGYthe end of the road to attract this cohort to careersto adapt to new means of communicating. Safety in construction. Now is the ideal time to shift thehuddles were held via Zoom; team coordination focus to attracting younger people (Generationmeetings happened virtually; and app-based Z) to our industry. Gen Z members are currentlycommunicationtoolsautomatedactivities 9 to 22 years old, graduating high school by thepreviously handled via fax, mail, and email. For millions, and very different from past generations.an industry that was reluctant to embrace remote They will emerge from this pandemic with aworking, we adapted quickly due to necessity.renewed need to contribute to their communitiesConstruction is essential. We all understand the in a career that is rewarding. career image challenges the construction industry One unseen benefit of the pandemic, relative tohas faced in the past. The coronavirus pandemic workforce recruiting, may be a new opportunitypositioned the construction industry as equal to for our industry to appeal to this generation. Genmany well-respected occupations such as health Zers are described as: care, emergency responders, and banking because Very savvy with technology; of being deemed essential to the safety and health of our communities. We know that Gen Z Never knowing a world without the Internetwants to make a difference, both personally and and social media; professionally. The construction industry will Raised by hands-off parents, which resulted income out of this pandemic with many examples learning self-direction and confidence; of how we made an impact during unprecedented times.Looking for careers that have meaning, inFinancialsecurity.Therecordlevelsof which they feel like they are making an impact; unemploymentfromtheclosureofretail, Realistic and concerned about money and jobhospitality,andmanufacturingduringthe security; and coronaviruspandemicwillhavelong-term Impatient and wanting to start a career earlyeconomic impact on their former workforce. The (according to a study from research firm Barnafact that the construction industry has been able Group, 66% of Gen Zers want to start a careerto continue working, even if at reduced levels, before age 30). demonstrates the financial stability that well-paying construction careers offer.How do we turn these generational traitsThis pause allows the construction industry an into an opportunity for our industryopportunity to fill the pipeline by demonstrating during the pandemic pause? Considerhowresilientandadaptableitisbecauseof howyourcompanyhasadapteditsincreased use of technology and new means of business during the pandemic in wayscommunication; as well as underscoring our that will appeal to Gen Z: necessary and meaningful contributions to society.30 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020'