b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEApplying New Recruiting Strategies demonstratinghowbuildinginformation A successful recruitment strategy requires thatmodeling and virtual reality allow virtual walk-companies provide an opportunity for exploration,throughs. Explain advances in prefabrication and education, and engagement. With schools acrossmanufacturing, or walk through an estimating the nation moving from brick and mortar to virtualexercise with a math class. With social distancing classrooms, we need to consider practical strategiesin mind, we must be creative in finding new ways for both today and when life resumes at a normalto help students explore the industry.pace. Education. All industries have been evolving to Exploration. Attending career fairs and presentingdevelop programs that allow young people an at high schools are excellent ways of reaching outopportunity to start their career early, many while still to students and helping them explore the industry.in high school. Youth apprenticeships, internships, With many schools closed, teachers scrambled tomentorships, and co-ops are ways to introduce the deliver learning virtually. Schools may continue toconstruction industry to teenagers and young adults. look very different in the fall, so reach out to yourWe have worked hard over the last 10 years to interest local school and offer to do virtual exploration withthis next generation in the construction industry. students. Show students the latest in technology,continued on page: 32East Coast Fasteners produces durable,long lasng fasteners for all combinaonsof building materials.Quick Ship ProgramExtended WarranesColors to match any rollformed steelHigh quality products for any applicaonEast Coast Fasteners.Building Conneconsfor the construcon industry. 800.558.5895www.plyco.com The FASTEST, SHARPEST, CLEANEST Drilling Fasteners Available!!Ply-Lo ExtendedPly-Lo ExtremePly-Lo DrillerPly-FastMetalfast FRAME BUILDER - OCT2020 / 31'