b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEbuild an addition on their home in large part because of their experience with Matt, and because a sub-contractor on their original project had made mention that their home that Matt builtwasprobablythestraightestandmost-squarehome theyd ever worked on. says Austin Meinhold.Our past and present employees look up to and respect Mattare grateful for his dedication and leadership and look not only from a professional standpoint, but on a personalforward to what he has to offer in the years to come!level as well. They take notice of and appreciate his calm, assured demeanor, and willingness to take on any challenge. Heapproacheseveryprojecthumblyandassuredlyand has always been dependable. He treats our employees with kindness and respect. He is even a pastor of a local church in our area! We have been blessed to have Matt work with us for the last 28 years. says Austin Meinhold. Matt has been at H&D through the construction boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s and stuck it out with them through the lean years following the 2008 Recession. We at H&D Quality Builders MiniMax mini storage complex where Matt has built almost 20 buildings for this customer between the complex shown, and the owners other mini storage complex.9,000 sq.ft. church building in Bloomington, ILKaufmann house and addition FRAME BUILDER - OCT2020 / 39'