2018 | Suburban Garages | 2nd Place

Ferris Barn
Built By:
Sapphire Construction Inc
Sedalia, CO
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: Recently completed, this custom barn project in Sedalia turned out beautifully. Uphill from the main residence, the attractive barn complements the stunning geography. It also blends with the design and materials of the main ranch home. Sedalia sits back into the foothi!!s on the northwest side of Castle Rock. The owners of this semi-mountainous property needed a barn for their animals, including yak, chickens, and goats. They also wanted a place for storage.

Unique features: We had to get creative on the mountainside. Our engineers determined that typical pole barn foundation would be inappropriate for this project. The type of soil combined with the hillside building site did not allow for the normal augured hole, concrete, and back-filled dirt. To solve the challenge, our team designed a special foundation. We poured forms on the side of the hill to act as a retaining wall - and it turned out perfect. The interior is open. It is designed for good, healthy air flow. The driveway curves up around the building, allowing great access from all sides.

Post-frame advantage: Decisions regarding outbuildings are important. What are some of the advantages? Paramount is thorough site investigation by our experts. That is because the building site may influence animal health and building maintenance. The prevailing winds, snow-pack, and rainfall must be considered. But on a hillside, drainage must be must be measured also. Our pole buildings are budget friendly. Beautiful and versatile custom designs come to life quickly. While we are preparing the building site, the building is being manufactured synergistically by Lester Buildings and trucked to the site. The coordination helps us get the building up with less expense. Pole barn design by Lester Buildings considers all Important aspects. Clients appreciate the large open spans on some of the buildings. With our affiliate construction companies, we have it all down to a science. Engineers have been perfecting our pole buildings for over 75 years and we house thousands of barns to show for it, Every building is constructed with a lifetime warranty.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $154.77

Duration to complete: 130