NFBA Leadership

NFBA Board Commitment

Board members are elected by vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting. By making the commitment to serve, board members, and their sponsoring parent companies are expected to support the initiatives of the association. Once elected, Board members:

  • Serve a 3-year term. (May be elected to a maximum of three consecutive terms.)
  • Participate in 3-4 board meetings a year. (The board typically meets at the Frame Building Expo and again in June and October of each year. The board will also meet via conference call on an as-needed basis throughout the year.)
  • Participate in assigned committee meetings. Face-to-face meetings are held in conjunction with the June and October Board meetings. Committees regularly meet by conference call between face-to-face meetings as required by their respective agendas.
  • Are responsible for their own travel expenses to board meetings.
  • Are required to support the Post-Frame Market Initiative (PFMI) program and any special events and/or campaigns through financial commitment and engagement in calling campaigns including fundraising.
  • Representing companies selling product(s) to the industry are expected to ensure their company exhibits at the annual Frame Building Expo.
  • Are expected to attend the Frame Building Expo.




Mark Billstrom

Lester Building Systems, LLC.

Vice President

Vice President

Robyn Ommen

Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings



Joseph Shimp

Conestoga Buildings

Past President

Past President

Matt Greiner

Greiner Buildings, Inc.


Monte W. Bradford

Bradford Buildings

Dwayne Borkholder

Borkholder Buildings & Supply, LLC

Angela Cragel

Atlas Bolt and Screw Co

Shawn Gearheart

McElroy Metal

Randy Kirts

Blitz Builders

Matt Murphy

Precoat Metals

Josh Nowlin

Suburban Buildings

Jim Pohtilla

Plyco Corporation

Timothy R. Royer PE

Timber Tech Engineering Inc-PA

Steve Schouten

Remuda Building, Ltd

Dan Wedeven

Wedeven Bros. Construction

Linda Young-Vap

Vap Construction, Inc.


Gary Auman

Legal Counsel
Auman, Mahan & Furry

Andy Williams

Technical Consultant / Technical Services


Megan Miller

Megan Miller

Executive Director

Rachel Pinkus

Rachel Pinkus

Managing Director / Editor

Morgan Arwood

Morgan Arwood

Membership Director

Chrystal Burris

Chrystal Burris

Senior Account Manager

Joe Williams

Joe Williams

Publication Designer

Carroll Hamann

Carroll Hamann

Advertising Coordinator