Post-Frame Design Enhances Interior Flexibility and Efficiency

The post-frame building concept is not new. However, post-frame building has found increased applications in office, retail, religious, public, and recreational buildings in recent years. In fact, the many ways wood frame interiors can be used may truly surprise you.

Post-frame construction provides optimal proficiency in the design, use, and look of interior spaces. Wood frame interior design is a critical factor in the utility and enjoyment of a building. Not only do occupants and visitors want a space that functions efficiently, but also one that is aesthetically pleasing. Because of the flexibility inherent in post-frame interior design, virtually any interior finish can be achieved.

Aside from this design flexibility, post-frame provides many benefits:

When it comes to the new wave of post-frame building, the exterior is often talked about for its many comparable facades. But just as the exterior is adaptable, the post-frame interior is equally as versatile. Frame building interiors are able to provide a free flowing living space due to long-span trusses eliminating the need for load-bearing walls. The clear-spans of frame building interiors allow you to stretch the open area in excess of 100 feet. Which really means that the floor plan rearrangement can be achieved without interior wall tear-downs. But width isn’t the only benefit that comes with wood frame interiors. High sidewalls allow ample space for vaulted ceilings and high overhead. So now your building is as luxuriously high as it is spaciously wide.

In addition to increased space to walk around, large post-frame interiors have many additional benefits worth noting. With large wood frame interiors you have options that might not immediately jump out at you. Like larger storage space. With a large open space, you are afforded the luxury to hide items with the help of clever storage options. Long stretches of open area afford-ed to you by your post-frame interior also allows bigger windows. This not only cuts into your electricity bill due to the use of natural light, but it also gives you true colors by reducing dull light effects. These are just a few of the fun benefits that come with the advantages of wood frame interiors.

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