2018 | Commercial Buildings (5,000-10,000 sq.ft) | 1st Place

Jupiter Machine Tool Headquarters
Built By:
Blunier Builders
Galesburg, IL
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: Jupiter Machine Tool is a manufacturer of CNC machines. The machines are designed in the US, built abroad and sold globally. The building built this year in Galesburg is the headquarters for the company. Jupiter Machine Tool is also on the leading edge of servicing CNC machines with the use of AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality) technology. Service people in the field can look at equipment with this technology and the engineers back in the office can see exactly what the service person sees and can help diagnose problems and create solutions in real time. The new building will allow for management, engineering, design and sales to all work from one location and serve a global market.

Unique features: The building was designed to create a logical flow from office to design to manufacturing of CNC machines. The room functions were laid out to tell the story of how the machines were thought of, designed, and made. The design style of the building is modern technology driven, showing the advancement of the company and their movement into the future of CNC technology. The design style was emphasized by material and technology use. The building has a black steel ceiling throughout the large open areas with exposed galvanized ductwork from the roof top mechanical units. The interior finishes include a large switch glass window from the conference room to the design floor, etched glass from reception to the design floor, and large interior windows to provide full view of the display floor from the conference room. The large curtain wall at the entry gives a grand entrance with a view into the work being done on the design floor. The open design area has sound panels of various sizes and colors to add visual interest while controlling noise in the space. The other room functions include private offices, 2 conference rooms for different size gatherings, a training room, shop and electrical shop, and a machine display floor, as well as other necessary functions for an office space. The building is constructed using post frame construction of glue and nail laminated columns. The roof structure utilizes engineered low slope, dimensional lumber trusses secured to LVL headers. A parapet wall, designed into the trusses, conceal the low slope roof and roof top mechanical units. The red tower at the front of the building is constructed using 3ply glue and nail laminated columns with inset purlins which are sheathed with OSB to form a low slope roof deck. The roof over the entry is sheathed with OSB and covered with rubber roofing and an internal gutter drains through the red tower and the water is brought to the water basin at the back of the property. The exterior curtain wall is supported by a painted steel tube and post to transfer the flat rubber roof load. This is the only non-wood structural member in the building. It was chosen for this application because of the aesthetic value and finish.

Post-frame advantage: Post frame construction allowed for a cost efficient building to be erected quickly to meet the customers tight timeline. Jupiter Machine Tool was on a tight timeline from the initial meeting. Blunier Builders acted as General Contractor for the project and worked with the City of Galesburg through the permitting process and engineering for the site, which began in February 2018, and held a formal ground breaking ceremony on May 10, 2018. The site work took two weeks to complete and we began installing foundations for the building on May 24, 2018. The project moved quickly and was completed for an open house on September 6, which was attended by Illinois State Senators and CNC machinists from across the globe. Along with the speed of construction, the unlimited design options for the building and ease of finishing made Post Frame an ideal candidate for this project.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $127.79

Duration to complete: 72 Days