Advantages of Post-Frame Building


Post-frame construction creates versatile interior spaces

Achieve virtually any aesthetic with post-frame construction’s flexibility and large, open interiors.


Modern construction practices enable post-frame buildings to deliver an optimal building life cycle under extreme conditions.


Post-Frame construction saves both time and money. Learn how it saves on materials, project timelines and labor costs.


Post-frame construction includes various sustainable benefits. Many of which can help earn LEED Certification.


Do You Know the Benefits of Post-Frame Construction?

Post Frame Construction Explained

Flexibility. Sustainability. That’s what you get with post-frame construction.

A post-frame building uses pressure-treated solid wood posts or laminated columns roof to support girts and trusses without concrete masonry or conventional studs of wood or steel. It transfers loads to the ground or to a concrete pier and utilizes an interlocking frame that can handle greater loads than stud-wall construction.

The method is popular with architects, engineers, and building designers because it offers them design flexibility. Many types of exterior façade can be placed on a post-frame building. They also like the fact that post frame meets Uniform Building Code (UBC) and International Building Code (IBC) standards.

This construction technique that first proved popular producing pole barns in the 1930s has evolved to become the method of choice for many types of buildings. Commercial structures, churches, medical clinics, and even homes are just of few of these building types now being built with post-frame construction.

A Frame Building System With Multiple Advantages

Because post-frame’s roots began in agricultural construction, its many benefits are often not fully realized and can be misperceived. But post-frame construction and its frame building system can be a solid choice when compared to more conventional construction methods, and is now becoming more common. In fact, with your own eyes you might have difficulty picking buildings in your area have been constructed using a frame building system.

In fact, in virtually any type of low-rise construction, including commercial, residential, institutional and municipal, post frame can save time and money—all without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.

Today, frame building is being utilized to construct everything from fire stations to schools to car dealerships and more. The frame building system boasts less load bearing walls, fewer trades needed for construction, and faster build speed. These valuable attributes are the main reasons why previously unheard of designs are now being implemented with building frame systems. Barns and farms are no longer the only types of structures taking advantage of the frame building method. Today there are many types of projects created using a frame building method.

Take a few moments to educate yourself about the advantages of post-frame construction. In many cases the results may be surprising. The versatility, build speed, durability, and overall sustainability of this frame building method are all advantages simply too good to overlook. It won't take long to realize post-frame construction may be the perfect choice for your next project.

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