Post-Frame Means Freedom of Design

A Building Method that Provides Architects FLEXABility

By design, post-frame buildings provide a wide selection of interior and exterior wood frame building finishes, roofing products, and architectural details. In fact, just about any kind of wood frame design aesthetic can be achieved with post-frame construction, making it one of the most flexible frame building systems available.

Post-frame's versatility makes it a natural choice for commercial and residential projects. As so much more than just your grandfather’s pole building method, the design flexibility of a wood frame system has evolved to fit projects of all shapes and sizes.

BSS Waste needed a building that could accomodate multiple functions. Post-frame construction proved to be the best solution.

BSS Waste needed a structure that could accommodate and support multiple functions. Post-frame construction, using wood frame resources, proved to be the ideal solution.

BSS Waste, in Lancaster, OH, needed a facility to incorporate all facets of its business under one roof. The result is a multi-use post-frame building, with wood frame building interiors, that offers space for maintenance and repair of garbage trucks, storage and repair of portable toilets, corporate offices, and a driver-dispatch office area. Learn more about the BSS Waste Project »

Post-Frame Accommodates Flexible Floor Plans

Consider these scenarios when choosing a frame building system:

  • A church congregation has expanded, requiring a larger sanctuary.
  • A business needs more warehouse space to take advantage of increased sales.
  • A school needs additional square footage that can serve multiple roles, thereby satisfying budgetary requirements.

Post-frame construction satisfies the owner's requirements in all three situations.

Post-frame designs and their wood frame systems offer opportunities for large clear-spans—often in excess of 100 feet. In turn, this allows for open, adaptable floor plans unhindered by load-bearing walls or columns.

Wood Frame Design, Limitless Options Inside and Out

Almost any kind of architectural details or finishes can be used in a post-frame building, as can many wood frame-building resources. Vinyl, steel, and wood siding; stone, brick, and stucco; architectural foam, fiber cement, and backer board are all feasible options for exterior façades. Roofs of any roof pitch can be utilized, and can be covered with metal, asphalt, wood, tile, or slate shingles.

Along with a versatile wood design system, you can put these features together to create any type of structure, from a post office to a school to a church, or even a fire station. Practically anything becomes a possibility with a post-frame building system.

To learn more about the versatility of post-frame construction for multiple types of applications or to discuss your next project with a local post-frame builder, use our “Find A Provider” feature and be put in contact with a post-frame builder in your area today!