Building Applications

agricultural Agricultural
Post-frame buildings remain the selection of choice for most agricultural buildings, including horse barns, riding arenas and other equine, livestock and storage applications.
commercial Commercial
Post frame is suitable for almost any low-rise commercial building. Architects and building owners select post frame for their retail shops, strip malls, office buildings, clinics, stores, hotels, and other commercial structures.
industrial Industrial
Post frame is often used for industrial buildings. Post-frame construction is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage and other industrial facilities
institutional Institutional
An increasing number of builders are using post frame for institutional and public buildings such as firehouses, schools, churches, and healthcare facilities.
residential Residential
Homeowners select post frame for their residential building, garage, or remodeling projects thanks to its energy efficiency, durability, and design versatility. More and more homeowners and building management companies customize their building’s exterior and interior design with a post-frame foundation.