Alan Kerschen

Alan Kerschen Director of Programs, Kimmel & Associates 

Integrating and Engaging Millennials in the Construction Workforce

Thursday, February 15th from 8:00-9:00 AM

Much has been written about millennials and the challenges companies face in incorporating them into the workforce. Words such as entitled or high-maintenance are continually thrown around. Millennials, it is said, are “out to change the world” and “want instant gratification.” Using our unique perspective, we will show you how to not only incorporate millennials in your company but also engage them, making them dedicated and loyal employees. Companies can leverage the assets of millennials through engagement and motivation, bringing value and a positive impact in the workplace. This mindset will elevate your company for years to come!

About Alan Kerschen

Alan Kerschen is Director of Programs at Kimmel & Associates. Alan represents 15 years in the executive search business. Kimmel & Associates is the largest executive recruitment firm specializing in the construction industry. In their 35 plus years of experience, the consultants have placed tens of thousands of employees in the construction industry. The many thousands of conversations leading to those placements have given them unique insight into industry employment. Alan is here today to share some of that knowledge with you, and to give solutions on how to retain employees at your company.