David Bohnhoff

David Bohnhoff PhD, PE, Professor, University of Wisconsin- Madison


Post and Pier Foundation Design Aid

Thursday, February 15th from 9:15-10:15 AM

An Excel spreadsheet program for calculating uplift, bearing, and lateral load capacities of post and pier foundations in accordance with provisions of ANSI/ASAE EP486.3 was developed at the University of Wisconsin–Madison by David Bohnhoff. Its use will be demonstrated during this technical session. The program is available at no charge and can be adopted and modified for use by any person or company in any manner. User guidelines can be downloaded along with the program.

Rotatable Guarded Hot Box Testing of Post-Frame Building Walls

Friday, February 16th from 8-9 AM

The rotatable guarded hot box designed and fabricated by Andrew Holstein at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is being used to measure the actual thermal performance of post-frame building walls. Results from an initial series of tests will be presented, and differences between test values and commonly used effective thermal resistance values will be discussed. Unique methods for insulating post-frame building walls will also be showcased.


Post & Pier Foundation Design Aid

Shallow Post & Pier Foundation Design Workbook

Lateral Strength and Stiffness of Post & Pier Foundations

About David Bohnhoff 

David R. Bohnhoff is a registered professional engineer and a professor of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is best known in post-frame building circles for his research on mechanically-laminated wood assemblies, pier and post foundations, metal-clad wood-frame diaphragms, concrete-to-wood post connections, thermal envelope design, and construction procedures, equipment and tolerances. He has drafted several post-frame building standards including the recent revision of the ASABE Engineering Practice (EP) on shallow post and pier foundations. At the university, he has taught entry and senior level product design courses, and numerous courses on residential, agricultural, and commercial building design and construction.