Gary Reichert

Gary Reichert Advertising Sales, F+W Media and Rural Builder


No Participation Ribbons in Sales: Keeping Score for Your Marketing and Sales Success

Thursday, February 15th from 8:00-9:00 AM

Successful sales are crucial to your business’s survival and your family’s financial security, but selling is a high-stakes game that doesn’t offer ribbons just for participation. Many business owners track final sales, but if that is the extent of your data collection, you know whether you won or lost the sale but have no indication why. Marketing is the plan that drives sales. We will review the steps of marketing, sales, and data collection to analyze where your process breaks down and discuss marketing-driven ideas that address the most common choke points in the buying process.

About Gary Reichert

Gary Reichert has been with F+W Media and Rural Builder for approximately 7 years working with some of the largest manufacturers in the Post-Frame Industry, helping them reach their marketing goals.  Gary has also competed at the highest level in athletics, including winning multiple World Powerlifting Championships, setting World Records.  Achieving in any field is a process requiring an understanding of the applied principals and concepts.