Rob Haddock & Tim Martin

Rob Haddock Director, Metal Roof Advisory Group, Ltd

Tim Martin Manufactures’ Rep for the Metal Roof and Metal Building Markets, Levi's Building Components 

Use of Snow Retention Devices: Science or Science Fiction? Phacts or Phobias?

Wednesday, February 14th from 9:15-10:15 AM

This session offers a step-by-step commonsense approach to understanding how snow acts on roofs, debunking misconceptions. Match the snow-retention system to the project by using science and math, not guesswork and supposition. Logical concepts and easy-to-follow instructions will promote better understanding of how to control snow and ice on rooftops with manufactured products. Haddock has traveled the globe researching northern roof design, snow effects, and snow-retention systems and written technical articles and industry-standards documents on the subject. Using his 10 years observing proper and improper application of snow-retention devices, Martin will discuss examples of common mistakes and best practices.

About Rob Haddock

Included in Rob’s background is a long list of credentials:  contractor, technical writer, curriculum author, forensic expert, world traveler, inventor, educator-- even rodeo competitor.  He is Director of the Metal Roof Advisory Group, Ltd, performing consulting services for a worldwide clientele since 1989.  He is also the inventor and founder of the well known S-5! attachment technology for metal roofing.  He holds some 40 patents.  Having 44 years industry experience, Haddock’s professional affiliations include NRCA, ASHRAE, ASCE, MCA, MBMA, MBCEA, CSI, TMI and ASTM.  Rob is a course author and adjunct faculty member of the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering.   

About Tim Martin

Tim Martin, has been observing the effects of proper and improper use of snow retention for the last 10 years and has 22-years experience selling through dealer networks. He is a Manufacturer’s Rep covering PA, NJ, MD, DE, and VA representing products used in the Metal Roofing and Metal Building Industries. He regularly makes recommendations as to placement of Snow Retention systems. Prior experience included 10 years in the Recreation Vehicle industry.  Tim lives in Lancaster County, PA with his wife and 3 children.