Wednesday, March 6
7:30–8:30 am Performance-Oriented Cultures

Bruce Hodes

  Diaphragm Design: Moving Toward a More Accurate Model

Gary Anderson, PhD

  Use of Snow Retention Devices: Science or Science Fiction? Phacts or Phobias? Rob Haddock and Tim Martin
8:40–9:40 am Succession and Family Dynamics

Scott Douglas

  Are You Practicing on Your Customers?

Marvin Montgomery

  How to Read Truss Documentation

Kirk Grundahl

9:50–10:50 am Achieving High Performance Levels with the Millennial Generation

Thomas Hudgin

  Prospecting for Success

Renee M. Covell, PhD MBA

  What You Can Do to Avoid Accidents and OSHA Citations

Gary Auman

11 am–12:30 pm The Game-Winning 3 Dave Davlin
12:30–5:30 pm Trade Show Open  
2:15–2:30 pm Expo LIVE! Thermal Expansion Fasteners and Corrosion Protection Leland Industries
3:30–3:45 pm Expo LIVE! The Standing Seam Notcher, Panel Cutter, and Eave and Valley Hemmer Swenson Shear  
8 pm–Midnight Plyco Reception  
  Thursday, March 7
7–8 am Welcome on Board! Now What?

Alan Kerschen

  Creating Realistic Sales Plans for Success: A Hands-On Workshop

Renee M. Covell, PhD MBA
  Vertical Load Paths in Post-Frame Construction

Aaron Halberg

8:10–9:10 am Succession Planning

Kuldeep Persaud

  Striving for Excellence: The Key to Superior Customer Service

Thomas Hudgin

  A Few Myths About Having a Safe Worksite Gary Auman

9:20–10:20 am Recruitment, Retention, and What People Want From Their Jobs

Mike McKinley

  Creating an Additional Revenue Stream Without Rethinking Your Business: Residential Metal Roofing Todd Meinhold

  NFBA Safety Panel: Implementing a Safety Program

Gary Auman

10:30–11:30 am Starting Your Own Business and Making It a Success

Craig Bodette

  Structural Self-Tapping Fasteners for Wood Construction

Kirk Grundahl

  The NFBA Safety Program Template

Gary Auman

11:45 am–1:15 pm NFBA Awards Luncheon  
1:30–5:30 pm Trade Show Open  
2–3 pm Hands-On Training  
4–4:15 pm Expo LIVE! Variobend Innovations Hershey's Metal Meister
5:30–7 pm Christians in Construction Reception  
8-11 pm Expo Social  
  Friday, March 8
8:30 am–12:30 pm Trade Show Open  
9–9:45 am Shearing Competition  
10–10:45 am Screw Driving Competition  
11–11:45 am Nail Pounding Competition  
Noon–12:30 pm Grand Prize Drawing in Exhibit Hall