Fire Walls

Post-Frame Wall Systems Achieve A 3-Hour Fire Rating

An hourly rated wall — rated as high as 3 hours — may be required to separate building areas or occupancy types to meet the International Building Code (IBC) requirement for life safety. Until recently, architects, builders and engineers, usually had to use a rated concrete block wall on a concrete foundation.

Recently, however, the National Frame Building Association successfully achieved a 3-hour fire rating for a post-frame wall system that can be incorporated into a post-frame building without having to use more expensive non-wood framing systems.

The post-frame fire wall assembly is an extremely economical solution; it’s generally faster to erect than other systems like stud wall, light gauge steel or block walls, and doesn’t require an expensive foundation.

When a 3-hour wall is deemed necessary to meet the IBC, a post-frame fire wall provides an already economical building system with additional savings.

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