Bernon G. Perkins Award

One of NFBA's highest honors - The Bernon G. Perkins Award is presented at the annual Frame Building Expo Awards Luncheon to an individual who demonstrates exemplary service to the post-frame industry. The winner is also featured in Frame Building News magazine.

To nominate someone you feel qualifies for this prestigious award, please fill out and submit the nomination form.

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  • Current NFBA Member
  • Dedicated over 5 years to the industry

About Bernon G. Perkins:  Bernon G. Perkins is credited with refining the evolution of the modern post-frame building from a temporary "pole barn" to a longlasting structure. Red cedar poles were used before Perkins' time, lending up to a decade or more of longevity to structures. When red cedar poles became scarce in the mid-1930's, Perkins used creosote-treated poles to provide primary structural support. This innovation extended a typical pole building's life by several decades. Perkins pioneered several design enhancements and post frame has since proven an economical and efficient building system for a multitude of uses.

2017 Bernon G. Perkins Award Winner

Congratulations to John Hill - The 2017 Bernon G. Perkins Award Winner! 

John was honored at the Frame Building Expo Awards Luncheon on February 15, 2018 in Columbus, OH for his spirit of collaboration and dedication to the advancement of post frame.

Read all about John and his distinguished career  in the June 2018 issue of Frame Building News magazine.