2017 | Suburban Garages | 2nd Place

Sobaski Garage
Built By:
Eastern Iowa Buildng, Inc.-Lester Building Systems, LLC Dealer
Fairfax, IA
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: Detached Garage for a new house that needed to meet design regulations for the city to approve.

Unique features: 18'x3' mansard overhang with hipped ends, 24" sw and 12" ew overhangs, stone veneer wainscot, upgraded overhead doors. Lester Buildings Eclipse concealed fastener roofing panels were installed over open framing so the customer saved the cost/time of sheeting with osb first as you would have to with any other concealed fastener panel installation.

Post-frame advantage: This was a project that needed to be started with the cold weather looming, so post frame allowed the building to be constructed and enclosed so the concrete floor could go in despite the weather.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $35.50

Duration to complete: 60