2017 | Commercial Buildings (5,000-10,000 sq.ft) | 2nd Place

MJF Rentals
Built By:
FBi Buildings
Valparaiso, IN
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: This is a multi-tenant structure with 3 separate units. Allowing business to lease space and run a profitable operation in a high-profile area without the up-front cost of buying land and constructing a new facility.

Unique features: This project has a mono-sloped roof concealed by parapets on all four sides. The roof is insulated and protected with foam board insulation and EPDM rubber roofing on top of decking with spray-foam on under side.

Post-frame advantage: Ability to compress the construction schedule. ability to insulate the exterior envelope, ability to "build out to suit" the internal finishes with offices and drywall.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $25 (Shell Only)

Duration to complete: 26 Working Days