2017 | Livestock Facilities | 3rd Place

Second Wind Dairy
Built By:
Kevin Larsen Construction-Lester Building Systems, LLC Dealer
West Salem, WI
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: The Lely Robot barn allows that 2nd or 3rd generation smaller family famr to be able to grow and be flexible. Make family events and even your kids sports. The free flow environment of the Lely Robots make it all possible.

Unique features: the concrete foundation a true frost wall. Not cheap steam walls! Customer called me and said that one concrete bid was over $50,000 more. Knowing what are you are comparing is the real difference in your project. What would you do!

Post-frame advantage: I asked John to look at his old barn that his grandpa built that he was currently milking in. Then I asked him if hat $50,000 would be worth it in that new barn a hundred years from now! Which concrete guy did he choose? Same goes for me selling a Lester pre-engineered building vs. a lumber yard bldg.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: about $14 just building, no concrete

Duration to complete: construct for July 3rd- Sept 6th 65-70 days