2017 | Livestock Facilities | 1st Place

Milky Way Dairy
Built By:
Martin Builder
New Paris, IN
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness:

The building is a dairy cattle facility used to produce milk and other dairy products. Dairy facilities play an important role in the economy by providing milk to suppliers and, in turn, allowing consumers to purchase milk products such as cheese, yogurt, etc.

Unique features:

The most notable feature of Milky Way Dairy is the three automated robotic milking systems. These robots, with no human interaction, are designed to operate six milking stations (2 each). Another unique feature is the computerized control system that self-adjusts depending on outside temperature, rainfall, & wind-speed providing a constant temperature of the building year-round.

Post-frame advantage:

Post-frame is the overall structure of this building. Design, cost and aesthetics were all defining factors in the decision-making process. 

Cost per Sq. Ft.:


Duration to complete:

277 Days