2017 | Agricultural Storage/Workshops | 3rd Place

Thurow Shop
Built By:
Precision Buildings-Lester Building Systems LLC Dealer
Stillman Valley, IL
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness:

The customer is using this building as a farm equipment and vehicle repair/maintenance shop. After many years of researching various construction types, this customer appreciated the practicality and curb appeal a well designed post-frame building could offer. The building allows him to house all his tools in one facility, improving the efficiency of his operation.

Unique features:

The design features of this building deserve recognition because of it's uniqueness in the area. The cedar timber-framed porch and glass cupolas highlight the beauty and function and the customer calls the design "farm-house industrial".

Post-frame advantage:

Many of the customer's neighbors have steel-framed buildings that aren't nearly as energy-efficient as a post frame can be. Heating and cooling are a big factor in the area (temperature extremes), which was one of the deciding factors for this customer. In addition, he wasn't impressed with the look and "plainness" of a steel-frame building. He wanted efficiency with curb-appeal and that's exactly what a post frame can offer.

Cost per Sq. Ft.:


Duration to complete:

24 Days