2017 | Livestock Facilities | 1st Place

Delta Gilts
Built By:
Precision Structures, Inc. - Lester Building Systems, LLC Dealer
Oran, MO
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness:

This building utilizes a wide gambrel roof design. The faciltiy has 5,600 sows producing around 150,000 piglets per year, which are used for breeding stock in other facilities.

Unique features:

The entire facility is air tight and bio-filtered to keep disease away from pigs. All workers shower in and put on different clothing for biosecuirty. The site was built in an area with seismic activity so designs were done accordingly.

Post-frame advantage:

Post frame was chosen for its flexibility for layout and incorporation of filters. Post frame also stands up better to the corrosive environment in the facility better than steel.

Cost per Sq. Ft.:


Duration to complete:

300 Days