2017 | Institutional Buildings | 1st Place

Lakemary Center
Built By:
Quality Structures, Inc.
Paola, KS
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness:

Lakemary Center is a therapy building to help less fortunate, needy and disabled children.

Unique features:

The interior is lined with tongue and groove from top to bottom giving the building an elegant finish. The building has vaulted ceilings as well as a loft for additional space. The interior also houses three animal pens with European style stall fronts to keep therapy animals.Lakemary has a completely lined interior with partial loft. The liner is 2 X 6 T&G that was produced by Midwest Columns, LLC.

All exterior Dutch doors and cupolas were ordered through Cannonball. The stone veneer wainscoting was ordered and installed by Canyon Stone, Inc. out of Olathe, KS. The customer was interested in a European style stall. We ordered the stall fronts and dividers through Saratoga Stalls, LLC. out of Grand Rapids, IA.

Post-frame advantage:

Post-frame building practices were most cost effective and provided the most efficient way of using the space as the owners’ needs change. With the clear span of post frame, the owners can easily modify the space in the future. The tight timeline needed to complete the building made post-frame construction the clear choice.

Cost per Sq. Ft.:


Duration to complete:

24 Days