2017 | Horse Barns/Facilities (under 5,000 sq. ft.) | 2nd Place

Makineni Horse Barn
Built By:
Sapphire Construction, Inc. - Lester Building Systems, LLC Dealer
Franktown, CO
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness:

This structure will be used primarily for housing our clients' three draft horses. The stall heights, fencing and waterers have been specially adjusted for the size fo the horses. The cedar and stone beautifuly harmonize with their home, balancing aesthetic, functionality and adding value to the property.

Unique features:

The stall fronts are custom desinged by Classic Equine.

Post-frame advantage:

Post-frame construction was chosen because material can be engineered for interior/exterior, shoring foundation, the ability to resist up lift forces from weather and structural integrity and ventialtion.

Cost per Sq. Ft.:


Duration to complete:

154 Days