2018 | Retrofitted/Remodeled Buildings | 3rd Place

Stillwater Ridge
Built By:
Blitz Builders Inc.
Columbus, In
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: It is used as a family gathering place for Thanksgiving, family reunions, etc. It was important to refurbish this building due to the fact that much of the interior framing included rough hewn 100+ year old logs. The logs came from the original log home that was on the property.

Unique features: What made this project unique was the ability to preserve the past and blend modern materials to still maintain the customers desired look.

Post-frame advantage: The building was originally built out of timber so it made sense to go back with post frame. Post Frame gave us the ability to blend the old with the new and maintain the appearance.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $51

Duration to complete: 33