2018 | Agricultural Storage/Workshops | 1st Place

Stoller Barn
Built By:
Blunier Builders
El Paso, IL
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: This barn is being used in a hobby farm setting. Half of the barn is used for cattle livestock and opens up to a lot for the cattle. The other half of the barn is being used for hobby and workshop space. The driving feature on this project is the design aesthetic. The old world details of wide trim, cross buck doors, and lited cupolas make it a unique traditional style barn made with modern post frame technology.

Unique features: The barn is built to look like an old barn with modern construction techniques. The gambrel is constructed from 2x trusses and fastened into a 3ply column. The rafters for the lean-to are made of LVL's to provide a large clear span. There are two lofts in the barn for storage. They cantilever 4’ past the building posts into the main isle of the barn. The sliding doors each have a 12” wide x 3’ deep concrete frost footings with a steel angle iron edge, installed by Blunier Builders.

Post-frame advantage: Post frame construction was best fitted for this project because of the design style of the barn, the ease of working with the materials, and the ability to accomplish the clear spans desired.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $44.01

Duration to complete: 59 Days