2018 | Hobby Shops | 3rd Place

Schwenk Art Studio
Built By:
Conestoga Buildings
Upper Black Eddy, PA
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: This building is an Art Studio for Reinhold Schwenk. He is an artist from Germany that move to NYC to a farm house in Bucks County, PA. This is his first private studio/gallery to work on his project.

Unique features: This building was designed to maximize natural light for his art projects. The windows are designed and placed to maintain light throughout the day. The customer did a scale model of the building and tracked the light exposure at different times of the day.

Post-frame advantage: Post frame construction was used to maintain the country look of the property as well as the cost savings over standard stick frame

Cost per Sq. Ft.: 156.25

Duration to complete: 120