2018 | Institutional Buildings | 2nd Place

Fluvanna County Farm Heritage Museum Barn
Built By:
Fuog Interbuild
Palmyra, VA
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: This building is to honor Fluvanna County's farm heritage and history and to honor 95 year old John May who has donated his lifelong collection of antique farm equipment to the museum for all to view and enjoy. This building was funded largely in part by the Fluvanna County Historical Society with many donations from citizens and fund raisers.

Unique features: Widow's peak flying gable with pulley-vented cupola and weather vane. Standing seam metal roof- antique lanterns and strap hinges- 4' x 12' hinged doors on both gable ends with 3 on front of building. Real locusts posts on front port 14" diameter- angled windows to match gable roof pitch.

Post-frame advantage: Post frame was chosen because they wanted to honor their historical barn building past with the particular cultural traditions of the farmers in the region which would be a historical reminder of the area's agricultural past for all the citizens to enjoy.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $71

Duration to complete: 156