2018 | Commercial Buildings (over 10,000 sq.ft) | 1st Place

Rest Up Camping & RV Corral
Built By:
Graber Post Buildings
Grayville, IL
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: The Rest Up Camping & RV Corral is a western themed RV campground, providing fun family-oriented activities for all ages. The main building at this complex, provides many functions including a city hall (camp office), mercantile area, maintenance facility, and a western saloon.

Unique features: This building boasts many unique features, most notably the western themed store fronts with covered boardwalk area and entry. LP Smart siding was used on the storefront area and provides the western feel the customer requested, along with the outstanding durability one would expect of most modern materials. The multi-use aspect of this facility presented many challenges, including separation of areas with fire barriers. A 3-hour post-frame wall (Design No. V304) provided a simple and efficient way to separate areas of different use.

Post-frame advantage: Post-frame was very important to this project because it allowed the owner to construct an affordable building in a timely manner. The maintenance area, with large 80ft clear span trusses, was surprisingly affordable when compared to similar steel structures. The sturdy-wall wet set post brackets, set in the concrete foundation, provided unrivaled uplift protection and construction efficiency to this building.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $50

Duration to complete: 120