2018 | Suburban Garages | 1st Place

The Carpenter Family Retreat
Built By:
Hochstetler Buildings, LLC
Gahanna, Ohio
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: Michael Carpenter had a vision to honor his family and enjoy the experiences of time, so walking into the garage is like a walk down "Memory Lane". He has his grandfather's Model T and an assortment of cars that represent his journey. He is able to display and enjoy these cars with family and friends while they spend time together in the garage and family gathering area. The entire building compliments their beautifully situated estate.

Unique features: Michael Carpenter had certain design criteria that he didn't want to stray from. His must haves included a large front porch (8' x 56'), 3 dormers and 3 cupolas. He wanted to keep the Hardi plank siding but used surface fastened metal roofing in lieu of standing seam roofing. The window and door access, although many, compliment the exterior and interior layouts. The epoxy floor finish supplies a mirror image that accents the display of his cars. All of this coupled with the wooded natural environment makes this the perfect family retreat.

Post-frame advantage: Mr. Carpenter was working for 3+ years on zoning, design and pricing. He contacted us to streamline the design which in turn decreased project costs. Post frame aided in development time and primarily in our ability to work with standard wide bay trusses and design ideas. We were able to show the Owner a variety of materials and positively select them to keep him on budget.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $61.00

Duration to complete: 92