2018 | Residential Buildings | 3rd Place

Bruce & Leslie Stiles
Built By:
Mark Stiles Sr Construction LLC
Bethesda, OH
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: Building to be used for family dwelling on a farm, House sits in middle of farm with other buildings to match, as you would look across farm the project fits in with the other buildings not knowingJhat is a home to live in. You drive up to building and come around driveway and then you see it's a home.

Unique features: There are not many Lester post frame homes and these are the new wave of home building, with lower framing cost and the benefits of having a structural warranty which the average home builder cannot give to the customer. As for less lumber used then conventional home builds it saves more trees for our future generations to use.

Post-frame advantage: ess framing cost, less man hours for construction then standard framing, Warranty played a big part of owners decision, also the ideal of a standing seam roof without having to install roof sheathing under panels.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $112.00

Duration to complete: 93 days