2018 | Retrofitted/Remodeled Buildings | 2nd Place

East Coast Erosion Retrofit
Built By:
Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.
Schuylkill Haven
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: Manufacturing of erosion control blankets. There are used doing construction, roadwork etc.

Unique features: Condition of the existing building would not allow 96' valley trusses to rest/support on it. The solution was to have the valley trusses supported by new columns and supports. The new columns were strategically placed inside the existing building around existing manufacturing equipment and supports, these columns were placed and protruded through the existing roof. The columns were attached to the existing slab + newly poured concrete coffers with custom steel plates to distribute the load. Some columns were even booted to the existing columns/posts. Additional headers were installed to reinforce the existing building. Trusses were then places atop the existing building supported by our new columns we set producing through existing roof. This was then tied into the 96x24 building we erected next to the existing building and that was tied to the 40x60 we erected infront of that.

Post-frame advantage: The ability to strategically place new supports columns inside the existing building, while the plant continued to operate and not compromising the flow of production was the biggest advantage and clearly excluded other construction methods. The time frame was also a major advantage as we were on site for only 35 days to put up the 3 tied together/retrofitting buildings, and a pavilion. Production dates appear extended due to weather as well as halting work for certain parts of their production process/work day.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $41.03

Duration to complete: 35 days of actual construction. Delays as we were working around the clients business as to not interrupt.