2018 | Livestock Facilities | 2nd Place

Built By:
Precision Structures, Inc
Canistota, SD
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: The facility houses 9100 sows which produce about 5300 piglets per week. the entire facility is airtight with all ventilation air entering through bio-medical filters witch protect the herd from airborn diseases. The facility is also shower in and out to ensure workers don't bring disease in. The facility is also an early adopter of penned gestation using stanchions for feeding.

Unique features: The gambrel style roof design developed by PSI and Lester allows two piece trusses to be used instead of 3 or 4 piece trusses. The size of the facility allows a 5000 head finishing facility to be filled with pigs in one weekend which helps with herd uniformity and biosecurity.

Post-frame advantage: The flexibility of post frame construction and corrosion resistance made it the obvious choice over other construction types.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $53.68

Duration to complete: 280