2018 | Commercial Buildings (5,000-10,000 sq.ft) | 1st Place

Dream Shop
Built By:
Rural Renovators Inc.
Amboy, IL
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: This building will be used by our local excavation contractor. Up until this point the client has been running a business from his home, maintaining his equipment out on his gravel drive, and storing his equipment where ever he could find space on his property. He has waited almost his whole career to build a shop and to him it is a dream come true. What is so special about this project is how it was constructed on top of a foundation wall with a radiant heated slab on the inside, clear span 72' trusses that gave him two 24' overhead doors for easy access of large equipment, and the easy storage access on both sides under the 20' lean to's

Unique features: I think the unique look of the building really turns heads, as well as the thoughtful design of the lean to's that make them look much less like an after thought, and more like two good looking porches along both sides. Also, the 3" thick TM300 Raynor Doors with the highest rated R-value on the market and custom color matched exterior really look sharp.

Post-frame advantage: This building very easily could have been a steel framed building, but customer liked overall design of a wooden post frame and the ease of interior finishes that come with it. Also the amazing energy efficiency and erection time were key contributing factors to post frame construction. During the design process and even construction process, many changes in the layout and design of the porch and office took place, but with post frame construction over steel frame, those changes were easy and quick which kept costs down for the client.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: $19.53

Duration to complete: 30 construction days