2018 | Hobby Shops | Judge's Award

Camp Maloney
Built By:
Tailored Building Systems
Hickory Corners Michigan
Building use, importance, and newsworthiness: This building was built for a personal collection of antique wood boats and a vintage collection of cars. The owners needed a custom facility that took into account the unique nature of the collection that is stored inside the building. This building sites in a residential area and needed to match the existing architecture of the homes around it.

Unique features: This building has some very unique features such as custom built red oak timber trusses for the high section of the building. We harvested the timbers locally and brought them back to our shop for processing and fabrication. We cut the 8" x 8" timbers on our saw mill at our shop. Once the milling was completed we hand axed the timbers to give them a more rustic feel. We designed 1/4" plate steel to make the truss connection. Each one of these trusses weighed in around #3,500 lbs. The exterior of the building has some very unique items also, some of these items are the use of actual standing seam copper roofing on the awnings and on the cupola top. We also used cedar shake shingles to accent the gable ends. The cupola on the top of the building is a 5' square custom cupola with 4 - 4' Anderson windows and custom boat weathervane. All the exterior overhead doors have arched tops to match the radius of the overhead door windows. On the inside of the building we used reclaimed timber beams to support the mezzanine above the mechanical room, custom kitchen cabinets with actual distressed copper countertops and a custome built boat bar for entertaining guests. This boat bar was designed to replicate the owners wood boat collection. We also installed inside the building a monorail system and hoist to be able to lift boats off the trailers and be able to set them down on dolly's to be moves around the inside of the building. The crane/monorail is designed to lift #4,000 lbs.

Post-frame advantage: Post frame construction was chosen because of its flexible designs, clear span trussing, and insulation values.

Cost per Sq. Ft.: 106.82

Duration to complete: 230