Carting Toward Success

Rural Renovators And Post Frame Offer Spacious Solution For MSK Enterprises

We at Post-Frame Advantage know that contractors are doing great work in engineered wood-frame building applications. To promote their efforts, our Project of the Month series recognizes a builder who has recently completed an exceptional project.

This month, we’re featuring Kyle Stumpenhorst of Rural Renovators in Franklin Grove, IL. Stumpenhorst recently completed a breathtaking 92-by-256-foot (porch included) structure for Matt and Sue Koning, owners of MSK Enterprises LLC in Amboy, IL, that will be part of their successful golf cart sales, service and rental business.

Effective Expansion

The Konings bought a golf cart at a local farm sale back in 1999, which they turned around and sold for a small profit. About a decade and a half later, the Konings are the proud owners of a prosperous business custom building, repairing, renting and storing specialty golf carts.

MSK Project - Framing

Since they first opened for business as MSK Enterprises, the Konings have branched out into custom golf cart builds for campgrounds, businesses and farms. They often buy used carts from golf courses and improve them with custom paint jobs, wheels, sound systems, bucket seats, lift kits and anything else their customers’ hearts desire.

In addition to custom builds, MSK Enterprises offer an impressive fleet of vehicles and equipment leasing/rental. Being located in rural Illinois, the Konings provide year-round (and especially winter) storage for privately owned golf carts and equipment.

When they ran out of room in late 2015/early 2016, they decided to build a fourth storage building because the other structures were already filled with double levels of golf carts.

What they needed was a large, roomy building that could be constructed quickly and cost-effectively (the first pillar of post-frame construction) and that could be used for winter storage of customers’ carts and the Konings’ fleet of rental vehicles and trailers, and as an extra service shop.

The Konings decided on a post-frame building. Post-frame construction’s versatile building method would reduce labor costs (two or three workers, depending on the day), shorten construction time (10 weeks, weather delays included, in this case) and require fewer materials.

Built with sustainable technology (the third pillar of post-frame construction), the building is incredibly durable, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and engineered to last 100 years or more (the second pillar of post-frame construction).


Finding The Right Contractor

In spring of 2016, Matt and Sue Koning began planning what they referred to as their “monster garage.” They met with contractors in their area to discuss construction ideas. A friend of theirs recommended Kyle Stumpenhorst’s Rural Renovators, located just down the road from the future building site.

MSK Project - Roof and trusses

The Konings were very pleased with Stumpenhorst’s quote and his willingness to accommodate their specifications and preferences. Rural Renovators broke ground in late fall and promptly began the two-month project, enduring sun, rain, sleet and even snow during the construction process.

“The quality of professionalism of Kyle and his crew is unmatched. The attention to detail and personal pride in their work is amazing!” Matt Koning said. “Rural Renovators is very knowledgeable, very skilled and passionate about the buildings they construct, and it shows from beginning to end. I would highly recommend them.”

Turning A Box Into A Beauty

The challenge for Rural Renovators was Koning’s request regarding the look and feel of the building. He didn’t want the finished product to simply be a giant box-shaped building.

So Stumpenhorst and his team came up with an idea to include a large, wraparound porch that is 12 feet deep and 108 feet long. Stumpenhorst was enthusiastic about the aesthetic additions.

MSK project nearing completion

“Down the entire east side of the building we also opted for windows up at the eaves instead of at the typical eye-height,” Stumpenhorst said. ‘This helped let in a ton of natural light into the cold storage area.”

Inside MSK Enterprises’ new post-frame facility, Rural Renovators installed a 40-by-72-foot insulated garage for equipment and golf cart servicing, a 72-by-216-foot cold-storage area for carts and miscellaneous rental equipment, and 24 separate 10-by-20-foot rentable storage units. One 16-by-20-foot unit opens into the garage for use as an office.

MSK Enterprises’ new building was the longest building Stumpenhorst and his crew ever tackled. They took extra time during construction while setting trusses to ensure that the bracing was installed and locked down as they moved from one end of the building to the other.

The finished product meets with the Konings’ full approval in every way, thanks to Rural Renovators’ professionalism and extra care. Despite a difficult late fall/early winter build, Stumpenhorst and his crew made the Konings’ “monster garage” into a professional, aesthetically pleasing and functional business building.

More Than Just Golf Carts

Matt and Sue Koning’s new building will also be used to host their daughter’s wedding reception this summer because she was unable to find a hall versatile (the fourth pillar of post-frame construction) or big enough for her special event.

“We also added a restroom in the garage for this purpose,” Koning said of his daughter’s wedding plans.

Post-Frame Potential

Stumpenhorst and Rural Renovators use post-frame construction to build impressive, functional and enduring buildings designed to meet their customers’ specifications while keeping costs and construction times down to a minimum.

The wood used in post-frame construction holds up to the harshest conditions while giving a warm, personal feel to a building. Metal buildings come across as cold and uninviting in comparison.

The Konings now have a professional, full-featured building for their business that a passerby could easily mistake for a quaint country home. The post-frame design is even inviting enough for it to double as a wedding reception hall. Matt Koning hinted at possible future uses of his new building.

“Who knows,” he said. “event hosting may be a new venture for MSK if the wedding reception goes well.”

4 Pillars of Post Fram Infographic