Thinking Outside the Box: A Post-Frame Press Box

When K.B. Criss, superintendent of schools for the Humboldt School District in Humboldt, KS, needed a new press box for a high school football field (and needed it quickly!), he immediately opted for a post-frame structure. He knew from recent experience that Quality Structures Inc. (QSI), Richmond, KS, would plan a sturdy, well-designed, cost-efficient post-frame structure and get it built in time for the fall football season.

The press box is now a finishing touch to the school’s award-winning post-frame multipurpose athletic complex and an addition to the baseball field press box and dugouts, all built by QSI.

“We considered all construction types for that press box, but financially and durability-wise, you can’t beat what post frame offers,” Criss says. “I was blown away by the sharp design of the post-frame buildings [at the school] and I had tremendous confidence that QSI would get this project completed under an extremely tight deadline. They did. It went up in a couple of days.”

Cost played a key factor in deciding to use post-frame construction for the entire complex rather than other construction types, Criss says. The football-field press box proved even less expensive than a premanufactured one.

The press box houses four compartments—one each for visiting team coaches, scoreboard keepers, a public address announcer, and home team coaches. Atop the structure is a viewing platform for those who are filming and broadcasting the games. The platform features an eye-catching curved metal roof.

Other features of the press box are a metal-panel exterior with vinyl trim, a locally made prefabricated rounded truss system, and a treated floor angled to the rear of the building to allow for water runoff. The press box sits about 30 feet above the home sideline bleachers and overlooks the entire football field and sports complex.

The school’s entire multipurpose athletic complex is the first-place winner of the National Frame Building Association’s 2013 Building of the Year Award in the Institutional category. Completed in only 4 months, the complex comprises locker rooms, a concession stand with roll-up windows and doors, restrooms, meeting and conference rooms, and, now, several elevated press boxes.

The award will be presented to QSI at the 2014 NFBA Frame Building Expo in Nashville, TN, on March 5–7.

As for the new press box, Josh Nowlin, QSI’s general sales manager, says: “This structure was a little outside the box for our company, but we have become very good at doing these types of projects. We’re actually going to duplicate this project at a school in another part of Kansas. In general, post frame allows us to do something a little different from the standard project. It opens up a lot of doors.”