AutoMotorPlex Clubhouse, Chanhassen, MN

Post-frame design was a perfect fit for AutoMotorPlex.

Lester Buildings, LLC of Lester Prairie, MN built the AutoMotorPlex Clubhouse for Bruno Silikowski of AutoMotorPlex, LLC. The structure is a unique clubhouse for members who have purchased a garage condo and are motorsport enthusiasts.

Interesting design details incorporated into the building include the ridge cresting, wood panel front, architectural turrets, dormers, copper-colored steel flashing, wood millwork around the windows, and an impressive stone wainscot.

The advantages of post frame for this project included the ability to create interior clear-span capacities, construction cost effectiveness, an efficient critical path timeframe and a cooperative partnership with Lester Buildings, LLC.

The completed project was featured in Twin Cities Business Magazine, and writer John Gilbert described the clubhouse as "designed to resemble a European carriage house...available for casual gatherings as well as special events such as auto club meetings and car shows."