Oak Creations Retail Store

The owners of Oak Creations, a retail home furnishings business in Millersport, Ohio, needed to expand to a new location.

Initially, both block and metal-frame construction methods were considered. However, the owners ultimately selected post-frame construction citing important factors:

  • With post-frame construction the expansion would be completed sooner.
  • The design had strong curb appeal.
  • Costs for construction were far less than other methods.
  • Ongoing building maintenance costs would be lower.

Their selection of post-frame construction proved to be a sound decision. “Every day we have so many compliments on the exterior appearance of this post-frame building and its design,” said co-owner Rosann Franks.

Not only does the structure meet the company’s exacting needs, the construction of a new building and a new business near the village of Millersport has been very welcome. Oak Creations brought along a strong clientele base when the move occurred. This increased traffic for other local businesses and has had a positive economic impact on the community.

The modern design of the building is relatively simple, yet highly effective for use as a retail home furnishings business. Post-frame constructions flexibility to arrange interior space benefited the company’s business on a practical level.

Three main merchandise areas were planned in the 80’x90’ building and a 10’x80’ front porch area was also included. The main retail showroom is 60x80’ with two 12-foot extension walls. There is also a 20’x40’ office/employee lounge and a full kitchen, private bath and shower, and a utility room. The three areas are easily accessible by four-panel overhead poplar doors.

“Our research concluded that post-frame structures are strong and extremely durable and can be as visually appealing as any other type of building," Rosean explained. “We chose WC Buildings of Newark, Ohio. Tom Wolford and his entire team were wonderful to work with. We appreciated the detail-oriented manner of Tom’s approach.”

Tom Wolford noted, “Post-frame technology offers numerous advantages over other ‘conventional’ types of construction.”

Modern post-frame construction has earned an excellent reputation for commercial and industrial projects. Post-frame construction is unique in that pressure treated wood posts function as support for the sidewalls and roof system. This system eliminates the need for a continuous concrete foundation.

The absence of a conventional foundation is perhaps the most significant departure from conventional construction practices. In post-frame, columns can be implanted in the ground, eliminating the considerable cost and delay associated with poured foundations. Construction time and costs for site preparation are minimized as compared to other construction methods.

Recent innovations combine the benefits of using wood posts as the primary structural member that ensure durability. In the case of Oak Creations, columns were fitted with one-piece molded protective sleeves, totally eliminating any threat of decay caused by contact with the ground.

The new location of Oak Creations revitalized a one and one-half acre tract of land that had been vacant eyesore for many years—having become littered with trash and debris. Now, this site is home to a thriving business in a beautiful new facility. The entire project took less than four months to complete.

Rosann reports that during construction the topic of conversation in every local restaurant was “What are they building so quickly”!

“Curb appeal has definitely been accomplished,” said Rosann. “We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to utilize post-frame construction for this building project.”