Understanding the Design Principles of Post-Frame

Think post-frame construction and barns usually come to mind. True, post frame continues to be an efficient and cost-effective method to build barns.

But why can't those same benefits be translated to other types of structures? You can’t even get to your wood frame design checklist because the benefits just can’t be the same. Or can they be? The answer is they can, and have been translated to medical clinics, commercial buildings, houses, and retail stores.

With that being said, what’s on your post-frame building design checklist? What are the must-haves to building your home or business? This is a question you should ask yourself so you can better define what you are looking for.

When creating your wood frame building design checklist does open living spaces and high ceilings make the list? Is it necessary to have the building elevated on stilts due to the terrain? Or maybe being completely affordable while having fast build times are things that truly matter on your wood frame building design checklist. If so, a post-frame design and its complete flexibility would meet all of these requirements and more.

Post-frame construction has been "Proven in the Field” for decades now. It has been proven to be durable and versatile just like other construction methods. Post-frame construction has proven in the field that it can be more cost-effective and faster than other methods. These are values that should be at the top of any frame building design checklist.

We encourage you to explore more about post-frame construction design principles. That way you know exactly what you can strike off as accomplished on your post-frame design checklist. To learn more about how versatile post-frame construction can be for multiple types of buildings or to discuss your next project with a local post-frame builder, use our “Find a Builder” feature and be put in contact with a post-frame builder in your area today!

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12 Structural Applications

David R. Bohnhoff, P.E., a Professor of Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison discusses the features of post-frame construction, and structural applications best-suited for the construction method. We invite you to read his essay.

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12 Example Applications

Look at how post-frame construction has been utilized in various markets. See actual post-frame solutions for the industrial, retail, medical, residential and many other markets. Also take a moment to review professor of engineering David R. Bohnhoff's analysis of the ideal post-frame structures.

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The wide array of foundation options provided by post-frame systems ensures you will find the right match for your project.

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While practicality has long been the driving force behind building design, today's architects, engineers and city planners would attest that aesthetics and innovation possess equal importance.

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Post-frame construction provides optimal proficiency in the design, use, and look of interior spaces. Interior design is a critical factor in the utility and enjoyment of a building.

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PHOTO Gallery

Seeing is believing, or maybe not. The advances in post-frame construction make many observers wonder if post-frame construction was really used. Take a look at our gallery of post-frame construction projects—guaranteed they're all post-frame buildings.

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