HDPE Plastic Barrier Wood

Post-frame construction foundation options.

HDPE plastic barrier wood protection systems for enhanced protection of copper-based chemical-treated wood posts and laminated columns.

  • A plastic sleeve with an enclosed bottom covers the embedded portion of posts or columns.
  • Offers a low cost, simple to use and beneficial enhancement to embedded treated wood posts.
  • HDPE plastic used in the product is completely resistant to moisture, organic matter, concrete, most chemicals (including wood preservatives), animal wastes, etc.
  • The sleeve is designed to fit posts cleanly while still allowing ventilation. Builders don't have to alter construction methods or worry about fit and finish of other framing members.
  • Cuts easily with snips, saw, or knife.
  • Consultation, research and construction confirm the product’s performance.
  • Also available to cover post-frame skirt boards with a barrier between corrosive treated woods and metal trims and siding.