Aaron Halberg,
PE, President of Halberg Engineering, LLC

Vertical Load Paths in Post-Frame Construction

Thursday, March 7 from 7–8 am

Post-frame buildings efficiently resist a variety of loads, and although vertical loads are in many ways easier to analyze than lateral (or horizontal) loads, some situations require careful consideration. We’ll discuss how to design and construct buildings than can handle vertical loads from snow, occupancy (live), self-weight (dead), and wind. Post-frame sales representatives, builders, and designers will get to look at common post-frame features through the eyes of a structural engineer and get assistance in steering future projects toward a successful completion by better understanding efficient methods to resist vertical loads throughout the vertical load path, from roof purlins and trusses down to the footing.

About Aaron Halberg

Providing the post-frame industry with structural engineering and building code compliance services since 2002, Aaron Halberg is a professional engineer licensed in 13 states and the president of Halberg Engineering, LLC located in Hayward, WI Aaron has been an active member of the technical committee for both the Wisconsin Frame Builders Association and the National Frame Building Association, and is an active member of the Editorial Committee, reviewing technical articles published in each issue of Rural Builder. By working on hundreds of post-frame building projects in different states and with different building climates and building codes, Aaron will draw from his wide and varied post-frame experience to address common structural and building code issues.