Alan Kerschen,
Director of Programs and Human Resources

Welcome Onboard! Now What?

Thursday, March 7 from 7–8 am

It takes time and money to find key employees. After you’ve found them, you need a strategy for integrating them into your company. An improved economy means that employees will move on quickly if a job is not a good fit, and voluntary turnover affects company morale—and your bottom line. A good onboarding process will help you retain your new hires. Learn effective onboarding techniques with specific examples from construction companies.

About Alan Kerschen

Alan Kerschen has a bachelor’s degree from Kansas University and is director of programs and human resources at Kimmel & Associates. Alan has more than 17 years in the executive search business and has served in many roles from associate, general manager of their internet job board, and assisting the president prior to his present position. Kimmel & Associates is the largest executive recruitment firm specializing in the construction industry.

In its 39-plus years of experience, the consultants have placed tens of thousands of employees with prospective employers. The many thousands of conversations leading to those placements have given Kimmel & Associates unique insight into industry employment. Alan will be sharing that knowledge with you and providing solutions on how to retain employees at your company.